Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life expectancy in Nepal is 67 : WHO

According to the World Health Organization's health statistics 2011, released late on 14th May 2011, life expectancy (factoring in both genders) in Nepal is 67 (in 2009).
Globally, the average life expectancy (LE) at birth stood at 68 years in 2009 — an increase by two years since 2000.
An average Indian lived till 65 years in 2009. In comparison, an average Indian lived for 57 years in 1990 and 61 years in 2000.
WHO said since 1990, LE has increased globally by 4 years (both sexes). However, during the 1990s, it stagnated in Europe and decreased in Africa.
Compared to an average Indian's life expectancy in 2009, a Chinese (both sexes) lived nine years longer. The life expectancy of an average Chinese (both sexes) stood at 68 in 1990 which increased to 71 in 2000. In 2009, it stood at 74 years. An average Pakistani, however, lived two years less than an average Indian in 2009. The LE stood at 63 in Pakistan, 70 in Thailand and 65 in Bangladesh.
WHO said life expectancy at birth reflected the overall mortality level of a population. It summarized the mortality pattern that prevailed across all age groups in a given year – children and adolescents, adults and the elderly.
"In 2009, life expectancy was 68 years, ranging from 57 years in low-income countries to 80 years in high-income countries, giving a ratio of 1.4 between the two income groups," the report said.

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